What documents can I create and record in the NET Firm?

In the NET Firm you can create and record customer ́s invoices, cash register receipts, bank statements, orders, receipt cards and issue cards from a warehouse. You can keep record of supplier ́s invoices too. The NET Firm is connected to the cash

What does it mean when the NET Firm is connected to the cash register?

When you create a receipt with the certified cash register, in the NET Firm is automatically created an issue card and a delivery note for the goods sold.

Is stock control possible in the NET Firm?

When you record a supplier ́s invoice with an item marked as “GOODS”, in the NET Firm automatically created a receipt card to that invoice. As well when you create a customer ́s invoice or cash register receipt to an item marked “GOODS”, issue card and delivery note is created.

What is attaching of scanned documents good for?

When you keep records of your cash register receipts in the software you can scan or take a picture of the original receipt and attach it to the recorded file. In this way you create an electronic archive. You can prevent long-lasting search for documents in boxes / spring binders. There is an attachment button to the documents which enables you to view or print out the document/picture.

Can I verify a validity of the VAT identification No of my partners?

When you record a partner into the list of partners, the system automatically checks correctness and validity of the recorded VAT Identification Number.

Can the system process tax reports and VAT control statement?

YES. One of the system outputs is a tax report document, its XML format, as well as XML format of the control statement.

Does the system provide archiving?

Yes. Every client has on his account his own archive. Archiving of data is provided by encrypting on a basis of a key – certificate assigned to your account, which you used to register. Despite that we recommend our clients to keep archives too, either in electronic or paper form.

How long is usage of the portal for free?

After you register you can use the portal for one month for free. When that time is over, prices follow the information in the pricelist.

When and how do I pay for the NET Firm usage?

If you have in January less than 5 documents and 1 account you can continue using the portal for free.

If you have in January more than 5 documents and 1 account, you will be charged 10 € in February. If you have in January 2 or more accounts, you will be charged 20 € in February.

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